Ben and I went for a walk.
Ben got right to work, collecting vines and sticks.
Ben picked a tree, that happened to have a resident terror-spider. I kept an eye on this guy.
I made a big heart out of leaves in the path.
Right after I finished making the heart, a little girl and her mom walked by. The little girl said "I WANT TO MAKE A HEART TOO!" so her mother helped her collect some leaves to make a tiny heart down the path from mine.
I made a little "teepee" for "Fables" to live in :)
Ben and I went hunting around for a head for his nature-bot. He built a pretty sturdy frame, added some eyes as a finishing touch, and the result...
was ABSOLUTE terror. It looked like something the KKK would burn, or some sort of Master Shake nightmare.
We couldn't leave TerrorCrow to frighten anyone (or cause anyone to call the cops about the fascist hippies making hearts and clan-bots in the forest) so after some laughs we tore him down.

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