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Something I love vs. Something I hate  

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I love going to Disney / I hate uninteresting salads.
I love my new Liquid Pencil from Sharpie / I hate the smell of burnt popcorn.
I love love love my dog / I hate baseball.
I love pizza / I hate sand.
I love tapirs / I hate pelicans.
I love when my t-shirt is warm from the dryer / I hate when you don't wear a damn bra, C-cup.
I love waterslides / I hate when you want me to hold your unfamiliar baby, stranger.
I love Finch / I hate Lady Gaga
I love grape soda / I hate weird hairs in my house that aren't mine.

Hope this has been informative.
<3 Kid

My New Heroes.  

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1. Antoine Dodson. Hands-down the best rapper in the game.

2. Steven Slater. Knows how to quit a bitch.

3. This snake. I will emulate him.

Old School Me in a Gold Top & Obama Riding a Corgi.  

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XMen Shirts Rule.  

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Believe that shit.


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This is perfection. I love how well they used things already present in the environment to move the story along.

Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Wife  

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Oh Antoine Dodson, hero of the projects. TELL IT!

And some Finch, because I am in love with the sound.

I've been neglecting you, Blog.  

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My hair is blue again. I figured I'd give it another go. It's just great when people inform me that it's blue, because I am slow and didn't notice.

This blog is a neglected bastard child of the internets. I finally got a job as a Graphic Design Warlock at Coast to Coast Publishing. School is going well, although at 25 I'm becoming sort of an old maid on campus.

I have a brochure to make, I'm out.