Father's Day Love  

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Dad lines up a pro shot. A strange shape for a mini golf hole, no?

Halloween Ron is the best kind of Ron.

I love my dad and my step-dad Ron more than I can really describe here. I would do anything for them and feel so lucky to have two wonderful fathers in my life.

Dad is the funniest guy I have ever met, hands down (although my brother Nick is getting pretty hilarious and a close second, he's not the OG). He never fails to put a smile on my face or have some ridiculous quote that I repeat for weeks/years on end. My dad is so artistic and quick-witted, and I definitely got his great sense of humor (and modesty, clearly).

Ron put up with my crap more than any human probably should have to put up with an ADHD, bipolar child. He was always there for Nick and I, we always had a nice home to live in and plenty of rules to keep us safe. I don't think I would have made it as far in life without Ron's pestering, as much as "I hate to say it." I also don't like to admit how much I take after him, but he clearly was a huge influence (sometimes to my mother's fear and dismay ha!).

I have to mention Ben's dad Murray here too. He raised Ben and his sister alone and did an amazing job. I'm so happy to know that he is such a good man, and a great addition to my family :)

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This amazingly touching and heartfelt post from WooWork. I needed a tissue :)

I'm in a mag!!!  

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One of my pieces is featured in the June issue of Untitled32. I'm over the top happy!
Check out pg. 10 to see!