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Pentagram's portfolio is staggering, ranging from the signage on the New York Times building PSAs about Burma to products like watches and couches. I've pulled a few of my favorites together here. (Above Infantry poster, designed for Witness' Children at War series.)

This was a design for the newly renovated third floor of client Saks Fifth Avenue. The names of the collections/designers make up this elegant 3. I think it was an amazing way to incorporate all 49 names into an easily recognizable digit without seeming overdone.

Conundrums book. The rules: one box, two colors, and a single typeface.

The Art of Dining is an awesome interactive idea for Detroit Institute of Arts visitors. An overhead projector projects elaborate and historically accurate three course meals onto a table that visitors can "dine" around. The meals are on actual items from the museum's eighteenth century decorative arts collection. Visit the website for the full explanation and short video.

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