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A true revelation, it seems to me, will only emerge from stubborn concentration on a solitary problem. I am not in league with inventors or adventurers, nor with travelers to exotic destinations. The surest - also the quickest - way to awake the sense of wonder in ourselves is to look intently, undeterred, at a single object. Suddenly, miraculously, it will reveal itself as something we have never seen before.

Cesare Pavese, Dialoghi con Leuco, 1947

I would like to knit you into something wonderful.  

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St. Denis Yarn, originally uploaded by maryjanemidgemink.

I would like to snuggle with you.  

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Digging: Nut and Bee  

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Seriously, could this Etsy store get any cuter? No. It can't. It is topped out on cute. Too much! (The designer and owner also has a human baby girl named Willow, ahhh the cuteness kills!) There are little creatures cuddling, napping, dancing...just being tiny and all around adorable. I can't wait to have more than -$5 to my name so I can purchase some of these prints.

Go visit Nut and Bee!:

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Man I (still) love this game.  

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Last photo by Ethan Hein.


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Black & White marker rendering, for a Layout assignment.

Prismacolor Markers. 2010.


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Hamburglar is NOT Mayor McCheese, originally uploaded by KidUgly.


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Black & White marker rendering, for a Layout assignment.

Prismacolor Markers. 2010.

Digging: Pentagram  

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Pentagram's portfolio is staggering, ranging from the signage on the New York Times building PSAs about Burma to products like watches and couches. I've pulled a few of my favorites together here. (Above Infantry poster, designed for Witness' Children at War series.)

This was a design for the newly renovated third floor of client Saks Fifth Avenue. The names of the collections/designers make up this elegant 3. I think it was an amazing way to incorporate all 49 names into an easily recognizable digit without seeming overdone.

Conundrums book. The rules: one box, two colors, and a single typeface.

The Art of Dining is an awesome interactive idea for Detroit Institute of Arts visitors. An overhead projector projects elaborate and historically accurate three course meals onto a table that visitors can "dine" around. The meals are on actual items from the museum's eighteenth century decorative arts collection. Visit the website for the full explanation and short video.

Steampunk Ninja  

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Not sure if I posted this already...but here is the mighty Steampunk Ninja, about 2 1/2 hours in Photoshop. I've been thinking about adding a mechanical arm out of the darkness - just glints of copper.


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Monarch, originally uploaded by KidUgly.

Fake Plastic Trees  

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By far one of my favorite songs of all time. I have a typography project coming up, and I will be using the lyrics. Hopefully it will do even a fraction of justice to Thom Yorke's genius.

I would like to pat this little lamb.  

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I would like to sew something colorful.  

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Tea, pink, and cute....I'm sold!  

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I would like to play with you.  

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Who doesn't belong?  

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I would like to kiss his little head.  

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Love me..., originally uploaded by JCNixonPhoto.

For me, this is terror.  

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High Flight, originally uploaded by Matt's Photography.