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Stefan Kanchev (1915-2001) was a Bulgarian graphic artist who drew each and every one of his works by hand. His extensive portfolio is so humbling and it's sheer breadth is staggering.

From the website:

Kanchev worked in all the areas of applied arts. He was an author of numerous covers of books with folklore fairytales, posters, trade marks, postcards, advertisements, forms and envelopes, post stamps, labels, packages and etc. His works are imaginative, with calm and clear composition, felicitous relation between fonts and shapes, clear forms and creative ideas. ... His passion was so great that often he worked night and day without stopping. The artist’s wife remembered that he was working at his drawing table till the last moment when he was taken to the hospital.
I wish I had a fraction of this guy's tenacity and talent. The logos are simple and so so effective.

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