Digging: Heike Weber  

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Heike Weber

MATS Terminal Washington 1959  

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Nice Things  

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l'ecureuil / turtle power! / pixel / coyote longstitch / tinysaur T-rex


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18....., originally uploaded by Kirsty Mitchell.

Location: Narnia

Chihuahua and Doberman  

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Chihuahua and Doberman, originally uploaded by ~*JoJo*~.

Baby Chihuahua  

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Baby Chihuahua, originally uploaded by ~*JoJo*~.

Dear baby Chihuahua,

I love you.


Chihuahua and Knitting = Perfect  

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Fiona wants to knit, originally uploaded by st-carrie.

Elegant Hazy Twighlight Over Old Town Of Edinburgh  

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5 Things  

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5 Things I am looking forward to:
1. The Rice Krispie Treats I'll be making later.
2. Finishing the classes I'm taking in 3 weeks.
3. Another free day with Ben
4. Dinner with Dad tonight
5. Sewing something

5 Things I did yesterday (with Ben):
1. Saw Alice in Wonderland (It's GREAT!)
2. Ate a quesadilla at Tiajuana Flats
3. Went to see some tiny puppies
4. Went shopping at Publix, GameStop, and browsed Jerry's Artarama
5. Drove by the beach blasting gangsta-rap and hollering

5 Things I wish I could do:
1. Trust my own decisions
2. Have an exciting and original idea every day
3. Sleep at normal hours
4. Make more friends down here
5. Train my lovely pup Meatloaf to play nice with unfamiliar dogs

5 Places I'd like to travel to:

1. United Kingdom
2. Greece
3. Italy
4. Cambodia

(Suitcase available here)


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, originally uploaded by ColorMeKatie.


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02-24-2010, originally uploaded by saraicat.

After the ball is over  

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After the ball is over, originally uploaded by archidave.

Arctic Fox  

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Arctic Fox, originally uploaded by Sarah McNeil.

I Love Peas deer  

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I Love Peas deer, originally uploaded by antlered kitsune.

"Tapirs of The World" Cross Stitch  

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houses, originally uploaded by noshii.


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mountains, originally uploaded by ooli..


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Yes, I'm up at 2:22AM again, with my nose pouring crap out of it and my mouth wide open and gross to breathe. Awesome. I was going to post some pictures of the Renaissance Fair I went to with my mom and Ron, but ohhh well says my face.

Here are some incredible pics of large-scale knitting by Christien Meindertsma anyway.

Also check out the PIG 05049 project. Quite intriguing.