Original Blueprints for the Eiffel Tower  

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Scans from The 300 Meter Tower courtesy of La Tour Eiffel.

I love the sweeping geometric lines. I suppose I never really gave the Eiffel Tower a chance...but that happens with the most prolific cultural icons. I just accepted the Eiffel Tower as Paris, as something tourists snap their picture in front of (especially the ever popular "penis-shot" where the Tower becomes your new awesomely huge member) - never as an architectural shape that altered Paris's landscape.

Get real. No way.  

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It's not the Willenium? Damn.  

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I hate celebrating the New Year, because to me it only feels like the death of the Old Year. I have a real problem with the passing of time/getting older so New Year's Day seems the opposite of something I want to party about. Now the end of a decade...depressing. I lived 10 more years already? WTF?

In an effort to make myself feel a bit better, here are 20 awesome things I've done in the past DECADE:

1. Graduated high school.
2. Graduated college Magna Cum Laude with two BAs.
3. Learned to play cello.
4. Visited Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Austria, Czech Republic, Barbados, Switzerland, and Trinidad & Tobago.
5. Learned Spanish and German, can't really speak either anymore.
6. Fell in love
7. Learned to drive
8. Had my first kiss (in 2000! haha)
9. Lived in Manhattan and Brooklyn.
10. Had a Sweet 16 pirate party!
11. Worked as a waitress, dog walker, graphic designer, painter, secretary, cashier, frame builder, camp counselor and who knows what else.
12. Befriended some of the most amazing people ever. I loved my time with all of you, and would re-live it in a second.
13. Got my very own little puppy!
14. Learned how to DJ (not well, but I can scratch a record!)
15. Was cohost of The Verbal Beats Show, so what if it only streamed online?
16. Sang in a band
17. Got 2 tattoos
18. Played epic capture the flag games
19. Watched my lil bro grow up (now he's my big bro?). I'm so so proud of Nick, he's just tops!
20. Walked in a fashion show, it was pretty baller :D

I'm done with the self-aggrandizing.
To my friends past and present: I hope you all understand how much I love you all, even though I'm aloof and awkward.
To my high school posse: Doyle, Maeve, Adam and Ana. You guys were quite possibly the best and closest friends I've ever had, and I can never replace how awesome of a time we had. Jade, Joppa and Mason get in there too. And who could forget Jimmy Bass?
To my college buddies: BUDDIES CLUB 4 LYFE! Thanks for making FAU livable. Wish I could have spent more time with Dana, Pydor and Roxanne before I moved. Also....Dan....my dick-joke soulmate.
To my newest BFFLS: I love you guys, so glad Ben introduced us all. NICHAAAAAAALLL!


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