Okay okay, so I'm a little late in the game with this but O M G. I HEART KATAMARI DAMACY. This game is so simple, but so amazing. The tight-wearing possibly homo-erotic King of All Cosmos completes me, he really does.

I mean really...resist this....try to:

You can't.

Look at this dog. LOOK at it.

I love this song more than I can describe in words. I've been singing it to everyone...I just wanna wad you up into my life. AH MY GAD.


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Digging: Sky Blue  

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Adorable business cards from Dingbat Press

Business Cards from Truly Smitten

Wedding Invitation by Paperchez

And two that I'm missing the source for, which upsets me greatly because I love them:

Long Time No Type  

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So I've been very neglectful of this blog, but it seems more than okay considering I've traded oft uninteresting internet quips with real-life love and excitement. Being with Ben is so amazing and our relationship is something I never thought I would have. The mental and physical chemistry is so incredible. I never thought it was possible to just know that you've met the one you will spend the rest of your life with.

The career path/grad school is pretty unchanged, although I've recently re-ignited my interest in graphic design and just making shit. I would love to have a letterpress. I've found plans for home-made letterpress machines, but still can't figure out how to create the plates without just ordering them online. There aren't many opportunities to work with letterpress companies in south Florida (surprise surprise), and all the graphic design firms seem to specialize in making shitty club fliers (step 1: find images of sluts, step 2: photo-montage said sluts with glitter and TWO FOR ONE text) which I WILL NOT DEAL WITH. Living here is more than frustrating.

Another thing that is frustrating: How many images I have saved to my computer with NO discernible source. I really need to cite my references....

Some things I'm digging right now in red & black:

The Dingbat's Agenda

Joy Ang via Graphic Exchange

Frenchie Valentine's Day Card by Sycamore Street Press

Wedding Invitation by Bella Figura