I've been a lazy Blogger.  

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It's craptacularly hot out. It's been in the 90's for-ev-er.
In the past week or so I've:

  • Gotten a new (used) car...my 1997 Chevy Lumina pulls mad bitches. Thanks grandpa John! (and Nick for driving it down from Ohio so I could have it FO FREE)
  • Waited about an hour and a half to get Tags/Title/Registration at the tax collectors office. They have the worst system for ordering people about.
  • Went to the beach with the family :)
  • Ate delicious BBQ at Donna's annual 4th of July block party...oh man so fatty fat.
  • Went bowling with Ana (Titties Magee), Jade (Zookeeper), and Juan (Juan on Horses AKA Zorro)...(I was Titty Time)...lots of titties is basically what I'm saying. Did you know that the bowling alley bar has a vibrating massage chair? Now you do. And you're going to use it. $8 pitchers of bowling alley beers from a guy with a perfectly round body. LAMARING YOU and Hitler Jesus made an appearance in my car on the way to bobo Mcdonalds. They wouldn't give us milkshakes. WTF?
  • Don't you like my random bolding?
  • Finished reading The Princes of Ireland by Edward Rutherfurd. Nice, easy, before bed read if you're into historical fiction.
  • Played copius amounts of Wii.
What did you do?

I admire Michael Jackson's creativity in having his children artificially constructed out of white people

Here's some vid-re-oes:

This made me LOL THE HARDEST.

"I have destroyed the fry" hahahaha

What a cute mama.

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