Links: Screaming Goats Edition  

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If you don't get this, you're bad at the internets.

Action Turtle.

The music change is key.

I'm on a Boat like a Boss.  

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She does. And she's fucking awesome.

I don't even know anymore.

His face.

Google Analytics is pretty tight  

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Hello to all my visitors! People from 38 different countries have visited my little blog, the top 10 is pretty interesting (well perhaps not the top 4 ENGLISH SPEAKING countries haha):

1. United States (well, duh)
2. United Kingdom
3. Canada
4. Australia
5. Italy
6. Spain
7. Romania
8. Belgium
9. Germany
10. France

I am very proud to have such diverse visitors. Thanks everyone!

and I doubt you will tomorrow  

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Picture taken at Hotel Daniel, Munich, 2006.

Stuff I like - Vol. 1  

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1. Legend of Zelda. Right now I'm about half-way through Twilight Princess, soooo goooood.

They ALL love Link by Purple-Plasmid.

2. A tall Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks. I know it's expensive and bleh bleh but it's damn tasty.

3. My dog, Milo. He has such a personality. I can just watch him for hours.

4. The Tudors. Somehow I've become infatuated with the era of Henry VIII. I started reading books I used to pick on other girls for reading, like The Other Boleyn Girl. Maybe I get my love of "smut" from my Nana and her impeccable taste for romance novels...har har. I'm only on the third disc of season 1, but I think there have been at LEAST 30 gratuitous sex scenes. I remember seeing the giant posters on the subway for it.

Look at that piggy nose...ewwwie.

ANYWAYS I like Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the ever arrogant Henry, but I can't understand Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn. She looks like she has fake boobs? What? DO NOT WANT. I think it's her nose that gets to me. Oh wells. But Henry Cavill is sexy time squared, so I guess that makes up for it.

Look at that. Even the flower can't tear itself away from his beauty.

5. This:

eve the eggshell by j-fujita.

Graphic language NSFW!!! Makes me lol the hardest. Can I be part of Lonely Island please? K THX!


So catchy:

Saw Terminator Salvation last night. Christian Bale remains one of my favorite actors of all time. I never got into the Terminator series before, but I will say the movie was entertaining if only for the special effects...and of course John McHotness Conner. I almost lost my mind when the computer generated young Arnold appeared, and some guy behind me yelled "It's the GOVERNOR!" The same guy also named random fighter aircraft "THAT'S A WARBIRD 100!"

Anyway, I had a few qualms with the storyline/general tackiness of the Terminator franchise, but whatevs. I'm really impressed with the CG bots/terminators. Check out the sweet concept art:

Concept art via io9

Picture via here.

Because grief unites us,
like the locked antlers of moose
who die on their knees in pairs.
William Matthews

Don’t let us forget that the causes of human actions are usually immeasurably more complex and varied than our subsequent explanations of them.
Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Idiot

What is hell? I maintain that it is the suffering of being unable to love.
Fyodor Dostoevsky in The Brothers Karamazov

Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart. The really great men must, I think, have great sadness on earth.
Fyodor Dostoevsky

The love that lasts the longest is the love that is never returned.
Somerset Maugham

Work and Comic Books  

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So I finally got a job at a printing shop in Boca. Check out the website

And I've been reading the hell outta some comic's some amazing fan art ((from and all copyright their respective artists))

X-Men Origins: Jean Grey Cover by *mikemayhew

gambit by ~SILVERTC2005

don't need wings by ~salamandros

X-Men Deadly Genesis, Cover 1 by *valstaples

And anyone who knows me also knows my strange obsession with Wolverine and Jean Grey getting together...awwww yeaaaahhh!

wolverine and jean by ~orumsventus

Milo of the Day: OH NOES SURGERY!  

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and I fear a lot.  

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Check out screaming lulu's Flickr. Some great embroidery work.

It's lumberjack night...  

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That's actually an ooooold picture from Jade. I lost my sandals (seen in the above photo attached to my creepy feet) when I jumped down into a mountain of sugar sand and they got SUCKED off my feet.

Lumberjack night means:
- Pancakes/waffles
- Sausage
- Bacon
- Root Beer
- Coffee
- Plaid
- Hash browns
- Corned Beef
- Beards....etc.

The Model Munich  

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Photo by me, Munich, Germany, 2006.

Sylvia Plath
"The Munich Mannequins"

Perfection is terrible, it cannot have children.
Cold as snow breath, it tamps the womb

Where the yew trees blow like hydras,
The tree of life and the tree of life

Unloosing their moons, month after month, to no purpose.
The blood flood is the flood of love,

The absolute sacrifice.
It means: no more idols but me,

Me and you.
So, in their sulfur loveliness, in their smiles

These mannequins lean tonight
In Munich, morgue between Paris and Rome,

Naked and bald in their furs,
Orange lollies on silver sticks,

Intolerable, without mind.
The snow drops its pieces of darkness,

Nobody's about. In the hotels
Hands will be opening doors and setting

Down shoes for a polish of carbon
Into which broad toes will go tomorrow.

O the domesticity of these windows,
The baby lace, the green-leaved confectionery,

The thick Germans slumbering in their bottomless Stolz.
And the black phones on hooks

Glittering and digesting

Voicelessness. The snow has no voice.