you will surely fail  

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Photo taken by me, 2006.
Hürtgen Forest, Germany

Manip April 27, 2009


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Can't even handle myself.

I'm kinda in love with Mastodon right now, and the videos and artwork that they use.

This is my favorite "character" in the band, he's funny as shit. Check em out.

What I'm Working on in Illustrator  

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I'm not happy with the horns or the lighting source, but the face came out just like I wanted.

Completely in Illustrator, without a sketch....tough! I haven't used Illustrator in years, so this is my getting-back-in-the-groove piece.

Closer view of the eyes. I'm very satisfied with them.

BuzzCuts Video Player  

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IMPORTANT Site: Dogs Looking Like People  

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Please let your gaze fall on the fabulous beauty that is Dogs Looking Like People. The pictures would be enough to get my little heart a-flutter, but the amazing captions are what make this site SOLID GOLD. Apparently this kid found out the perfect way to "Tumbl"...a fantastic mix of poor grammar/capitalization with a strange animal mind-reading.

hey it looks like you have some leftover steak there what are you going to do with that because i have some ideas

I have no idea whats going on here but the dog seems like hes cool with it so who am I to judge

This one came in on twitter its a small dog wearing shoes. The dog is nervous about things.

Link Dump: Monkey fightin' edition  

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What are you then, a gay fish?


Way to go, FX.



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So lately I've been thinking about the many tattoos I want to get in honor of my family members. My mom and dad have proven difficult to capture, the designs are always changing. I won't start pricking my skin with anything until I have a concrete idea of how to show my love for them.

Anyway, the choice for my Nana is easy, an elephant with it's trunk in the air. Lately I've been toying with the idea of having the elephant hold a large poppy which would sort of play off the idea of how I would call my grandpa "Poppy." Not a red poppy - there are too many representational attributes assigned to them that I don't associate with my grandfather (WWI, death, sleep) - but maybe Himalayan blue. My Nana loves anything Japanese or "Oriental" so it would be nice to have some sort of design element somewhere on/around the elephant.

It will be my first color tattoo, so I'm a bit nervous about the color scheme and how it will look and change on my skin. I have an olive complexion that tans very dark over the summer.

This is the best video game tattoo EVER  

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I'm playing Wind Waker courtesy of Jade right now...o m g.
I love how there are so many references to Oceanic cultures. Not to mention the addition of PIRATES!!!

Who was the mastermind who came up with the Koroks? I want one.

And check out this ridiculously awesome cake:

Digging: Klas Ernflo  

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How cute is this? Klas, you are certified Cute Overload material. Posters commissioned for campaign for parks and gardens in Barcelona. The crocheted tree is just so my style :)

There's just something about the simplicity and subtlety of the Color Pad series by Klas Ernflo. Each drip composition does everything necessary and sufficient for aesthetic design.

B&W illustrations. I WANT TO BE HIM!

Digging: David Fullarton  

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It makes me want to create something NOW! The bursts of colors, the collage quality, the witty text, the feel of a well-loved journal...I love David Fullarton. Check out his Flickr stream and see for yourself.

Yogurt is tasty goo, but not that appealing.  

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