Everything is amazing, nobody is happy  

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Old Pho-toes.  

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What I do when I'm unemployed  

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1. Waking up at 3PM after an intense night of beers/golf course adventures/hamburgers/purple sparklies

2. I buy Tank Girl, Predator (with a super slick hologram cover), and Metalocalypse. Feel good about purchases.

3. Borrow Jade's Gamecube. Play Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

4. Read Watchmen.

5. Play with Milo until he decides the other dogs are more interesting or he passes out.

6. Eat way too much food from my parents' ever-stocked fridge.

7. Internet.

Video Dump w/TPAIN  

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Hahahahaha the part about the crackers...so true.

Such a high production value. MUTHAFUCKAAAAA!!!



Milo of the Day: Hamper Edition  

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When he was small enough to be contained in a laundry hamper :)

James McAvoy.....yeah.  

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Ana and I were chatting last night, and somehow we got on the topic of the-best-looking-dude-in-the-entire-world-I-MUST-HAVE-WANT!!!!!1111!!!11

Ahem, anywhhhayyyy, our joint decision rested on James McAvoy. And if you can't see why, you're either melting in lava and can't focus, blind, a lesbian (even then you can probably feel the heat of this prettyness) or being mauled by bears.

Who knows, maybe he will GOOOOGle himself one day, and my blog will come up ("yeah right" Fred style) and he'll fall in love with my infinite wit and poise. Yeah, he's married, but that's just a small speedbump...speedhump....wat? That bitch Keira Knightly got a piece, why not this bitch Megan Moulos?

Am I a total creeper for thinking he was hot in this movie? AS A FAWN WITH GOAT LEGS? Yes.

God damn you.

Nice shirt?

We're having an important meeting.

Runner-up: Christian Bale
(Ana thinks he's too stone faced, I GUESS I'M INTO THAT KILLER SHIT)

He's BATMAN, Ana, BATMAN!!!!

Milo of the Day  

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This one is from his puppyhood :)
I can't believe how big the pink spot on his nose used to be, now it's just a tiny dot.

And then listen to this:  

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Watch them all.  

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Quotations Series  

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Some of my favorite quotations juxtaposed over photos I've taken in the past year or so.

Feelin Blue  

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Pilatus by Coyote-Agile
Birds by Teddyber
Expresion by Bcuairan
Still Life: Cascade Pastaza by Frarochvia

The rest are unknown.

From Keetra  

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Cordial Invitations : Series

"I've been thinking of you for a while."
4.5' x 1' x .5' layered wax

Via From Keetra