Things I Love Thursday! (TILT)  

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1. This picture I took/made better.

2. Lipton Bedtime Story Tea

3. New York Public Library - Humanities, Reading Room

I had to get some reading done here earlier today. I love the room, the books, the atmosphere, but their system for retrieving books is really archaic. You fill out this little paper slip with the author/title/call number etc. and hand it to someone behind a little desk. They stuff it into a small metal cylinder that looks like one of those from the bank. Then they shove that into a NEUMATIC metal tube that shoots the slip/cylinder to the basement. Then you have to go into the reading room (above) and wait for a giant board with numbers in LCD lights to tell you that your number/book is ready to be picked up. It is beyond me why they haven't created an internet system to get this done instead of crazy neumatics.

From the website:
  • There are 88 miles of shelf space in the Humanities & Social Science Library and 40 miles under Bryant Park
  • The size of the Rose Reading Room almost equals a football field. It is one of the largest rooms in the nation without a dome, interior columns or steel-reinforced walls to support the ceiling.

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