New Kicks and Jack!  

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Before...old shoes...hurt feet.

After...NEW SHOX! My feet feel GREAT!

Even on a sunny day, Greg is shrouded in darkness...

This handsome little fellow is Jack. I walk him twice a day, Monday through Friday. He is so sweet and has these little eyes that make you give him treats and snuggles.


Look into them!

Nom nom nom...he always wins.

Pico & Bitsy  

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Pico the Turtle and Bitsy the Bunny <3

Greg's Birthday Scarf  

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Places We Eat...  

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149 W 4th St

Greg and I love this place. It's relatively cheap and completely delicious. I hate duck, but they have a spicy/crispy duck salad with apple that is amazing. We almost always get a Garlic wok, although the Thai salad and peanut dressing is the best. The restaurant is small though (sometimes you get seated on top of each other), so I wouldn't bring a ton of people.

Corner Bistro
331 W 4th St

Everyone says that you can get the best burger in New York here. And you can...most of the time. I had one burger here that really was the tasty-est burger I'd ever had, and the rest of the time it's been, well...a good burger, nothing special. I think it also depends on how busy the restaurant is. I like my burger Medium-Rare, and it gets a bit overcooked when there is a mile long line at dinner. There is a huge wait almost every night at the Corner, but they do have a well stocked bar and super-fast service once you sit down.

The Breeds I Walk...  

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These aren't pictures of the actual dogs, but close enough :)

Osa the Newfoundland, 7 months old

Tilly the Australian Kelpie, 7 months

Bruno the Pitbull, 1 year

Jack the Cavalier King Charles, 2 years

Two of these kinda-looking guys

2 Curly Coated Retrievers, 3 months

And last weekend, a tiny 4 month old Shih Tzu named Emma