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I hear some pretty awesome stuff sometimes in this city:

Waiting for the subway at 14th St...
Homeless guy, coming really close to us, screaming: I AM Richard Nixon! Nixon! Nixon! It's green to me! MONEY IS GREEN TO ME! Money is green to me! I am the Nixon president. Money is green to ME!

At the dog run:
Greek Guy, to dog: C'mon, Roxy! ((Dog lies down to get pet on belly)) Oh don't start with that Mahatma Ghandi stuff!

Eating at the Corner Bistro:
Young guy to other dudes: I mean, she had an Adam's apple bigger than my balls. Seriously. She was a he. Man.

Foob's Friend: There is nothing to do in New York. Except shop. What do you guys do, like shop all the time?

In Chinatown:
Shady black guy: Movado watch. Want a Movado watch? It's stolen.

And finally, Greg is always a winner:

Greg, looking at passing Chihuahua: How do they make dogs that small?
Me: Generations of breeding small dogs with other tiny dogs to make even smaller dogs and so on. Selected breeding of traits.
Greg, skeptical: I don't think so. I think they breed with something else.
Me: Like a...
Greg: Like a lizard.

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