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I thought I would be updating this blog every day after the big move to New York. Didn't happen. The first few days were far to hectic, and then there was just too much clutter, no internet...eh.

But let me take you back in time...to LAST SATURDAY. (((((bllloo dooo dooo))))).

I flipped out all morning. Leaving home seemed like the most terrible, irreversible decision I could make at the time. After numerous false starts and one really pissed off Mom, I got to Ft. Lauderdale airport. Greg and his mom were already waiting, and hustled me right along. Mom parked to say goodbye. Thank goodness for Xanax, I would have probably ended up exploding or turning into a jackal from the anxiety. We left Florida at 8:50 and arrived at JFK at 11:30 am.

Greg let himself get hustled into taking a ride into the city from a guy that looked like this:

But luckily he didn't murder us or take any of our things. He jabbered in Spanish into his headphone cellphone for the whole ride. He told his (probably convict) friend how he "picked up some Germans" (us) and complained about our bags. We got to the realtor's office, got the key, and hopped in another cab for the rest of the ride to Cornelia.

I walked into the apartment and....had a total nervous breakdown. The room looked like a closet, and the last tenant decided she didn't have to clean up the dirt and scum on the floor, walls....ugh. I had a nice little freakout and was convinced I was heading home to my nice cozy room in Florida. The next few hours were a blur. Dad got in and made me feel 100000% better. He took us to dinner and made me a happy little girl.

We decided to break the house rules (badasses!) and sneak a few things upstairs. We were being really sneaky and vigilante when some jerk ruined our fun. He came and stood in the doorway and watched our every not-so-sneaky move. So, Dad had to drive out to Brooklyn to transfer the rest of the goods to Tweety's truck. Somehow, he picked up a nail in his tire in the process, but enjoyed an extremely fast "racket"/operation who fixed his tire in a few minutes.

Dad had to leave early to get to Delaware :(

I'm getting tired of this play-by-play recount, so...we built the bed and the wardrobe...

Got some complaints, slept on air mattresses, built the bed, got the rest of our things on Monday, built the table and chairs...

Built the cabinets, stools, and the futon...

And then decided our building days were over. The rest of the week was spent slowly unpacking boxes, cleaning, and eating at cheap restaurants. We finally have everything unpacked, and the room looks pretty good. Somehow, it looks bigger with things in it...nonsense?

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