Central Park and Baby Birdies  

Posted by Megan Moulos

Yesterday Greg and I went to Central Park and froze into little tiny icicles. We got a couple hot dogs from these two girls who weren't qualified to run the shack they inhabited. They didn't have any change, and they didn't know what relish was. That's right, they work in a hot dog stand and have never heard of RELISH. Anyway, we waited for some other character to bring our $2 change. By then our hot dogs were frozen. We sat down to eat, but our hands were too numb to enjoy anything. We had to keep our hands in our pockets, and then attack the hotdog for a bite quickly before our fingers got numb again.

After that unpleasantness, we walked around the park looking for squirrels and birds to feed. They were hibernating. Smarter than us. We found this little guy:

Then I made a life-threatening mistake. We climbed up one of those big jagged rocks that juts out of the ground. As we were descending the rock, I started slipping slowly to my doom. My boots had no tread, and my coat was slippery. I was hanging sideways by one hand, telling Greg "leave me here to die. Go back to the apartment and live a good life. I'm Falllllinnnn!" I looked like a little starfish slidin down a slope. Just as I was about to plunge into the abyss, Greg pulled me up by my hood (like a miniature pup). I looked death in the eye. Haha.

Me with some ice skaters. Greg wouldn't let me do it.

He also can't take pictures. The smart guy would turn the camera to fit in some buildings. Not Gregory. Noooo way.

Lookin cold and old:

We walked through the rest of the park and then went to Starbucks where we somehow got 3 hot chocolates for the price of 2. WHAT A DEAL!

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