Christmas Day...  

Posted by Megan Moulos

It's 12:04 on December 26.
Christmas has come and gone.
I used to feel the swell of holiday joy growing steadily in the weeks before x-mas; I used to smile at every light-covered house and lay on the floor gazing at the twinkling tree.

It just wasn't the same this year.
Maybe it's because I'm moving.
Maybe I'm just getting older?
I don't know. It wasn't cold out at all. It seems like we've only had our Christmas trees for a few days. The dinner tonight flew by, and some of the family was absent.

I think I'm just feeling some pre-move homesickness. It will take A LOT of getting used to the fact that Mom won't be home to cook dinner, that Ron won't stop by to make cocktails, and that Dad and his lovely pups won't be a short drive away. I won't be able to pick up Nana to go to the beach, or listen to Gabby gibber on for hours on end. I am very very very close to my family. I will miss them more than they know. I have a huge problem leaving. I guess it's abandonment issues? I feel terrible for leaving my family alone, because I worry that something might happen when I'm gone, and I could never forgive myself.

This is going to be the hardest few weeks of my life.

But I do love Christmas the very most. My mom is hilarious, she likes to wait until the very moment of christmas-present-opening surprise to yell out "Where's the CAMERA!" Mom, it's too late. Then we have to fake the moment. She was also playing Gabby's new Wii which was HI-larious. Her and Donna cannot grasp the "flick of the wrist" concept and slide all over the floor with crazy gesticulations. Gabby accidentally got punched in the teeth from a wild swing during Wii Tennis. Nana got a laptop from all of her children. She was beaming ("WHERE IS THE CAMERA!") I brought this handicapped homeless man I see every now and then on the corner a plate full of Christmas dinner. I almost got hit by a steeeupid Hummer trying to run it over to him. Bottom line: if you drive a new "Hummer," you're lame.

Merry Christmas.

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