Ah, the Joys of College.  

Posted by Megan Moulos

All from Overheard in New York:

Blonde: I just had the meanest thought in the whole world.
Guy: I doubt it.
Brunette: Tell us what it was, and then we'll judge.
Blonde: Okay, well, I hope that Tim and Tom don't realize we have a Spanish test tomorrow, because I always study way more than them and they still score, like, 20 points higher than me.
Brunette: Oh, that's not mean. There are way meaner thoughts, like I hope Tim and Tom catch rickets so they're too sick to take the test.
Guy: Yeah, or like let's force all the Jews out of Germany and burn them in an oven.

--Fordham University

Chick: ... And that's how I had a miscarriage. Oh! That reminds of a funny story!


Guy #1: Shut up! Why are you so obsessed with sombreros? Every time I talk to you it's sombreros, sombreros, sombreros!
Guy #2: Isn't this, like, the first time we've ever talked?
Guy #1: Yeah, and it's about sombreros, isn't it?


Drunk Guy: That girl's tits are huge! And it's snowing!


Two NYU girls are walking downtown and one trips and falls on the street.
: Did you have a nice trip? I'll see you next fall!

NYU Girl: Hey...where's your home?

--Water & Fulton

NYU boy #1: Dude, let's go to Delaware. I've never been there -- I didn't even know it was a state until the quarter came out.
NYU boy #2: Oh yeah, you told me that. That was like last week.
NYU boy #1: Yeah, man.

--University & Waverly

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