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Tom Bendtsen builds architectural installations out of thousands of books. His "Argument" series references Greek columns, Roman arches, and the ancient walls of Jericho. The works are not only visually stimulating - they also attest to the barrage of knowledge and information (or smut, or ridiculousness, or inoculation, or useless trivia, etc.) contemporary human beings are faced with daily. Bendtsen states:

My earlier book towers sought to reflect the fragility of arguments, which are mostly inflexible in a history that is fluid. These towers are an attempt to make physical the Argument. History and the interconnectivity of subject binds these earlier pieces together, as titles play off one another across the surface of each work. These structures are at once cohesive and fragile. The more recent book structures have become concerned with colour and form as a method of ordering the texts, creating a chaotic interconnectivity between subjects across each surface. Most recently the works are concerned with colour and form exclusively, any historical connections are left to chance. The books are used as pixels to create an over-all landscape image.

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