My Uncle is dying  

Posted by Megan Moulos

There is no easier way to put it. I love this man, he has almost always been in my life. I don't know how to write something to accurately describe how I feel. I feel sick, devastated, confused, and hopeless. I'm consoling my mom, "being strong for her," but I really just want to curl up and cry, or tear my hair out screaming.

My mother's best friend, Troy, whom I consider an uncle. He is hilarious and has a huge heart, not to mention a great attitude towards all things inappropriate.

He has lung cancer that has spread to his brain. Troy is currently in critical condition.

I don't pray. Can't do it, such is the problem of nihilism.
But at times like this, I hope I'm wrong about the world. I wish that I could tell him, honestly, that there will be a glorious light after this, that he will see us again. I want to believe that. There is nothing that I'd like better than a heaven for those I love. But I can't, and it devastates me.

I don't know what else to say. I am certain death is the end, oblivion. But it hurts so fucking much.

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