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I've had quite a few irrational fears over the course of my life, partially stemming from the genetic neurosis my mom has bestowed upon me, and partially from some inherent craziness. I've overcome many of them, so in the Halloween spirit, I'd like to share with you my wall o' fear.

Fishing Hooks (Semi-over it)

I think this stems from the time my brother hooked himself through the tendons of his finger after catching a fish in my aunt's back yard. There's something about that little barb that still creeps me out.

Pelicans (Most Disgusting Bird Award)

Ugh. They are awkward, have huge, rancid, flabby jowls tipped with sharp little beaks, beady little eyes...I really hate these things. They also have a tendency to swoop, and I am not a big fan of bird swooping....at me. I got bit by one of these as a kid (TRAUMA!) while trying to feed little fish to a giant tarpon in the Keys.

Snake birds/Egrets (TERROR!)

Well, not terrifying anymore, but as a child these were the creatures of my nightmares. I'd dream of giant, 8 foot tall snake birds with their long creepy necks pecking at my windows, intent on eating my insides. I don't care what you say, these things are creepy.

Being Buried Alive/under Rubble (Greatest Fear)

This is one that I can't get over. It freaks me out to the greatest degree. Whenever I'm in a tall building, or on a subway, I get a little worried about it crushing me in rubble. The whole 9/11 movie did NOT help. Worst.


I do it pretty regularly, including 4 12-hour plus trips to and from Europe. It had been awhile since I had flipped out while flying until I went to St. Vincent over Spring Break. You take a tiny ass plane, and as you walk up to it on the runway you notice little things, like...oh...I don't know...SHOELACES tied together holding the prop from swinging in the wind. And once you get on, its really a party. There is a fine duct tape interior, holding up lights and parts. The flight attendent has one of those clunky oxygen tubes that elderly people push around if cabin pressure drops, and hands out Juicy Juice boxes 30 minutes into the flight. The best part of this wonderful experience is how the plane dips and shudders every time the pilot lets off the throttle. WHAT JOY!!

But honestly, my general fear of flying (in real planes) was only abated once I faced up to it. A good friend of mine is a pilot. She took me up in a little 2-seat Cessna, and although I almost shat my pants, I consider the ride a huge accomplishment.

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thats awesome that you finally conquered the fear & flew babe, it really is!
Holy Shit! thet's so funny
i remember the keys & you freakin' out at some point & i did not understand.
pelicans bring the funk

October 15, 2007 at 1:44 AM

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