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I really just love how Bigfoot is number 2 of the site's Top Ten Unexplained Phenomena.

"For decades, large, hairy, manlike beasts called Bigfoot have occasionally been reported by eyewitnesses across America. Despite the thousands of Bigfoot that must exist for a breeding population, not a single body has been found. Not one has been killed by a hunter, struck dead by a speeding car, or even died of natural causes. In the absence of hard evidence like teeth or bones, support comes down to eyewitness sightings and ambiguous photos and films. Since it is logically impossible to prove a universal negative, science will never be able to prove that creatures like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster do not exist, and it is possible that these mysterious beasts lurk far from prying eyes."

Once again, I believe my "Guy-in-a-big-parka-because-its-cold Theory" holds water.

Even better, the section titled The Top 10 Intelligent Designs (or Creation Myths)

Already, with number 10, we've struck gold.
"With its bounty of brawny, barrel-chested gods and buxom goddesses, the ancient Norse religion of the Scandinavian and Germanic countries is truly the creation myth for fans of both pro wrestling and heavy metal music. According to Norse lore, before there was Earth (Midgard), there was Muspell, a fiery land guarded by the fire sword-wielding Surt; Ginnungagap, a great void, and Niflheim, a frozen ice-covered land. When the cold of Niflheim touched the fires of Muspell, the giant Ymir and a behemothic cow, Auehumla, emerged from the thaw. Then, the cow licked the god Bor and his wife into being. The couple gave birth to Buri, who fathered three sons, Odin, Vili, and Ve. The sons rose up and killed Ymir and from his corpse created from his flesh, the Earth; the mountains from his bones, trees with his hair and rivers, and the seas and lakes with his blood. Within Ymires hollowed-out skull, the gods created the starry heavens. What can we say: Pure metal magic!!"

The writers of this fine website obviously know nothing of heavy metal, or they would have included scorpions, barbed wire, and riffs.

I'm glad this site placed "The Genesis of the Judeo-Christian and Islamic Faiths" under the category myths (literalistic believers be damned!) Somehow, though, this is considered number one. Personally I find Greek, Hindu and Egyptian myths infinitely more entertaining. C'mon, who wants pray to one, boring, lonely god. I like the "party-mentality" of the pantheistic religions. Are you into wheat? I've got the god for you! Really like the easterly winds? There is a special immortal someone who shares your taste.

You here for the eternal party? Bacchus has the vino (or mojitos if you prefer!) and Apollo is DJing it up. Watch out for the Centaur frat, those mofos can party!


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