Afraid to dream.  

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I have a reoccurring dream of losing all of my teeth. I'm usually sitting with friends or at school eating something or talking when suddenly, my teeth feel loose and fall out within minutes. Sometimes I even travel to the dentist in my dreams, holding my teeth in my hands, horrified.

Last night I had a dream that I was slicing tiny cuts into my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend's (no issues there...yeah, sure) forehead and putting little shards of metal into the wounds. I closed all the wounds so she would have horrible raised scars and then tattooed "SLUT" across her face in deep lines again and again. My boyfriend was next to me, like an aide. He already had the word "LIAR" on his face in raised letters. When I was finished, I woke the girl up and screamed "I AM THE BUTCHER"

I guess it's a deep seated, unconscious fury.
I don't like it.

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