I suck at posting!  

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Maybe I'll post something with substance later. Maybe not.

Inspired by: Naruchan  

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Freyja by Nayruchan (+)
Piper in the Tree by Nayruchan (+)

File this under nonsense.  

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This kid balls out of control.

Inspiration: red-rouge, sun-bruised by To-Fu  

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red-rouge, sun-bruised a commission by the very talented To-Fu (+)
Side note: This really really REALLY makes me miss my long blue hair.


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Inspiration: Nommable Cakes  

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Simple Pink Cake (above) and Wedding Cakes with Japanese Sashiko "Stitching" by Martha Stewart Weddings. (+)
Night Owl Cake by Snowy Bliss (+)
Long Journey by Vina Jafar (+)
Pink and Cream ruffles cake from Martha Stewart Weddings. (+)

Artist: Matthew Scott  

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How adorable is illustrator Matthew Scott's work?

Totally adorable. Visit his blog!